A sense of urgency…

Music is a huge part of my life that tends to influence everything I do. If I’m not making music I’m creating illustrations inspired by it. This year I decided that music, in terms of live performance and recording, would take a back seat to my illustration and other projects.

Of course, it didn’t really work out like that and while I’m not performing as much this year the need to create has been overpowering. So… a plan for an album is underway. Something quite different to my previous releases. A little more raw and hopefully with band. As always I am filled with a sense of urgency but I need to be calm and cool-headed. I see this happening at the end of the year with a release in early 2018.

This coming Autumn I am heading across the ocean to Canada for several dates including a show in Toronto with Speaker Face. These guys are incredible and I can’t wait. Full tour dates will be announced soon. Hoping to arrange a show in New York too. Exciting.

Photo: Celine Lecompte

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