In an 80's heart


This collection is a true revival of the 80s. A tribute to a generation of women who grew up in the pop art era where vibrant colors where a pleasure for the eyes, as well as the heart. Street art was on the rise, with graffiti art as a popular means of expression, accessible to all. This collection is a heartfelt homage to incredible talents that brought a fresh, new vibe to the world.

This jewelry collection is made with many different colored stones of all shapes and sizes, mainly sapphires, topaz, garnets, amethysts, citrines and tourmalines.

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13 product(s) found
  1. Love Multicolour Sapphire Ring 5,390.00 €
  2. Princess Pink Sapphire Ring 4,790.00 €
  3. Love Colored Stone & Diamond Pendant 2,790.00 €
  4. Love Colored Stone Earrings 1,990.00 €
  5. Oval London Blue Topaz Ring 2,690.00 €
  6. Love Pink Tourmaline Earrings 1,990.00 €
  7. Love Amethyst Ring 2,690.00 €
  8. Love Colored Stone Chain Necklace 5,790.00 €
  9. Love Citrine Ring 2,690.00 €
  10. Wavy Topaz Earrings 3,790.00 €
  11. Love Colored Stone Chain Bracelet 5,790.00 €
  12. Butterfly Garnet Ring 2,690.00 €