New album: Tesserae

Today, with a lot of help from my lovely wife, I’m releasing an album. Unexpected. Necessary.

Tessera (plural Tesserae): a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic.

I wasn’t expecting to release an album this spring but here we are and here it is. Since last November I slipped into a deep and dark depression. I have yet to resurface and recent weeks have been particularly difficult.

As a way to keep myself occupied I started recording songs everyday on my iPad. Something easy to do from my bed – a place I’ve spent quite a lot of time. My thinking has been that if I’m in bed I’m unlikely to runaway, self harm or end my life.

In a morbid kind of way I wanted to release this album now in case I did end up succeeding in doing something final.

I would like to thank my beautiful wife for being constant and caring. Everyday is that little bit brighter thanks to you. I love you.

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