A gem is born


Everyone has a unique story, and birthstones offer the opportunity to highlight one-in-a-lifetime moments, in a very subtle and intimist way.

One of the most meaningful and popular push presents is to offer a jewelry set with the birthstone of the baby. You did not know? Each month is associated to a stone, And each stone is related to a symbol or a personality trait. Often, we associate diamond with the strength for the April's babies. In July, enthusiastic babies come into the world. Sapphire in September is synonym of wisdom,...

You want to make it even more personal? Choose a ring designed with both the baby's & mummy's birthstone. You can even consider adding the daddy's birthstone to complete the family ring!


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  1. Signature Ring - Octagon Bluish Green Aquamarine 4,390.00 €
  2. Trio Birthstone Ring - Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Tanzanite 2,740.00 €
  3. Toi & Moi Ring - Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite 4,990.00 €
  4. Single Birthstone Ring 1,710.00 €
  5. Toi & Moi Ring - Green Tourmaline/London Blue Topaz 4,590.00 €
  6. Trilogy Birthstone Ring 2,180.00 €