Necklaces never go out of style. But you know what? With Laurence’s necklaces you create your OWN style. Her unique and extensive range of refined 18kt gold necklaces and pendants are suited for every occasion and taste: everyday wear, sporty, minimalist, bold, outspoken, bright colored stones or just plain gold with small or large links. You name it, and she designs it. 

Marvel at the collection and treat yourself to a statement piece.

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  1. Small Diamond Amulet (without chain) 560.00 €
  2. Square Emerald Pendant 1,365.00 €
  3. Large Diamond Amulet (without chain) 975.00 €
  4. Engraved Heart Necklace (with chain) 495.00 €
  5. Personalized Chain Necklace - Small Links - 2 Diamond Letters 2,695.00 €
  6. Chain Necklace - Large Links 2,695.00 €