Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. Are you planning on buying your own piece of shimmering luxury? Then you might need some clear information on diamonds, their grading, colored stones, trends and how to take care of your precious items.

Are you getting ready to say “I do!”? Then read Laurence’s tips and tricks before choosing your engagement ring.

  1. The so-called Lab Grown Diamonds
  2. Meet Laurence - Paris Match Interview
  3. How rare are Fancy Colored Diamonds
  4. The Do's & Don'ts of wearing your jewelry to the beach
  5. 10 most popular diamond cuts for your engagement ring
  6. Offering a birthstone as push present
  7. 6 tips to choose the perfect engagement ring
  8. How to clean diamond jewelry
  9. The importance of the 4Cs
  10. All about gold (and platinum)
  11. How to store diamond jewelry