‘Melete’ single & video, Celtic Connections and EP pre-order!

Happy New Year!

January is usually a bit of a slow month. It’s cold, the days are long and folks are still trying to get over the festivities and excesses of December. For me though, 2016 has started with a spring in its step and I hope to continue the rest of the year with the same amount of enthusiasm.

New single ‘Melete’:

My new single ‘Melete’, set for release digitally on the 8th Feb, has had some fantastic feedback –  check out these lovely reviews from God Is In The TV and A Musical Priority. BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales have all picked up on the track which is wonderful. If you haven’t had the chance to see the music video, filmed by Marisa Crockett and Colin Sweett in Toronto and featuring Kaitlyn Alexander, you can watch it here:

Celtic Connections free mp3:

On Sunday the 24th January I had the pleasure of performing on the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections in Glasgow. It was the biggest audience I’ve played to so far and the experience was fantastic. I was joined on stage for a couple of numbers by my good friend Rachel Sermanni.


I’ve popped my favourite track from the set up on Soundcloud as a free download.

Pre-order ‘Titans’ Daughters’ EP:

I’d originally planned to release an album called ‘Titans’ Daughters’ but decided to split the release into 2 EPs. It seems the music works much better as 2 separate releases… like the 2 sides of a record (something we might consider doing once the second EP is out). For those who didn’t back the album crowdfund campaign, you can now pre-order the CD version of the first EP ‘Titans’ Daughters’ which features excellent artwork by Joseph Austin.

Pre-order here. All pre-orders will receive a hand drawn postcard by me!

The tracklisting with be as follows:

  1. By The Throat (w/Chrissy Barnacle)
  2. Melete
  3. Siren
  4. Mneme (w/Rachel Sermanni)
  5. The Muse (w/Simon Parton)
  6. Mneme II

The EP will be out 11th April. If you’re in Glasgow on the 10th April, I’ll be launching my EP at 13th Note – keep an eye here for more details.

On a final note, I’m looking to play dates in your city in the coming months. Suggestions and ideas most welcome. I can even come and play your house! Do get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jo xx

New single – Melete (released 8th Feb)

‘Melete’ is the first single to be taken from Laurence Made Me Cry’s forthcoming EP ‘Titans’ Daughters’. Produced by Swansea based musician Simon Parton, ‘Melete’ is a gentle and brooding exploration of heartbreak. The track sees Jo Whitby (LMMC) delve further into the world of electronica, swapping her folk guitar style for minimalist piano paired together with the ambient lushness of Parton’s beats and synths.

‘Titans’ Daughters’, originally planned to be LMMC’s second album following on from the 2013 Welsh Music Prize nominated debut ‘The Diary Of Me’, is a two-part EP release, the second of which will be out later in the year.


Hello folks! I thought I’d give you a bit of an update of how the new album is coming along.

The first bit of exciting news is that there will be 12 tracks instead of 9. It’s been a very creative period for me and the songs keep coming. Fortunately there were 3 muses that came before the Olympian 9 muses so still on track with the theme for the record. I’m also scrapping 3 songs which weren’t working and writing new ones. The creative process in action!

As I mentioned before, the album is now co-produced by Simon Parton. His work on the track ‘The Muse’ (listen here) was so beautiful that I asked him if he’d like to work on the whole record with me. He said yes! Whoop! He’s incredibly talented and I feel very honoured to be working with him. Make sure you check my soundcloud regularly for new clips as we work on songs together.

Some of the lovely album collaborators have been stopping by to add their contributions. Chrissy Barnacle was the first in and added her voice to the track ‘By The Throat’ or as I tend to refer to it as the ‘sexy vampire song’. Chrissy adding the sexy part of course. She’ll be coming back to add more kick ass vocals across the album.


One of my secret (now not so secret) special guests, Rachel Sermanni, popped in this week and sang on a track called ‘Mneme’. She sings in French with me! Mon dieu!


The timeline for the album is stretching a little. The songs are coming together slowly and I feel it’s important not to rush things. The likelihood is that a single will be released in November with the album set for early 2016. My plan is to have a digital copy of the album for those who backed the Indiegogo campaign as soon as it’s ready with the CD copy to follow shortly after.

I will update again soon. x

Thank you and time to get cracking!

A massive thank you to everyone who backed my second album Indiegogo campaign! Together we managed to raise almost £900! This will help greatly towards the recording and manufacturing costs! All the new songs  for ‘Titans’ Daughters’ are beginning to really take shape and I’m so pleased to announce that Simon Parton will also be joining me as co-producer on the record!

You can hear all the tracks in varying stages of completion over on Soundcloud!

Still time to support new album ‘Titans’ Daughters’! Act now!


Spring has sprung here in a slightly overcast Glasgow, the sun coming out from behind the clouds from time to time, a sign of warmer days approaching. The trees are also beginning to sprout new life, little white buds cover the branches outside my bedroom window. I’ve been making the most of the weather by taking long walks around the city, still lots to discover and I find walking a great way to give my head some good thinking space.

The crowdfund for my second album, ‘Titans’ Daughter’, is almost over. There’s still a little way to go to reach the target but I’m positive that we’ll be able to get as close as we can to it! At the moment I’m running a crowdfund countdown across social media with artistic input from some of my friends and collaborators who will be working with my on the record. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

If you’d like to support my album you can do so HERE. Lots of rewards still available! Don’t have any funds at the moment but would still like to help? SHARE THE CAMPAIGN! Thanks to everyone who has supported so far! I CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU.

Demos for the album are really starting to take shape. I’m pleased with the progress and am excited by the work arriving from some of my collaborators. I’m posting clips of tracks as they are being developed over on Soundcloud. Most recently I shared updates from Simon Parton and Alone, amazing transformations of my songs, love it! You can listen to the sounds so far below:

Finally, I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be playing the Gay As Folk event in Broadcast this coming April 19th. Check out this funny interview I did for them! Tickets are available now!

New album Indiegogo campaign is now live!


I’m ready to record my second album ‘Titans’ Daughters’ and I need your help! Get involved with the Indiegogo campaign now!

As the birds chirp outside my bedroom window and the morning light creeps in, I am reminded that I haven’t slept this past night. In the wee hours I launched an Indiegogo crowdfund campaign to help raise funds for my second record ‘Titans’ Daughters’. Suffice it to say I’m very excited.

Over on the Indiegogo page you can find out details about the new album (if you can, please do watch the video, I animated it myself!), what rewards are on offer (my favourite being a hand decorated lyre harp) and the ways you can help. Work has already started on the record and I’ve got some wonderful collaborators on board this time around including Ellie Makes Music, Andrew Montgomery (ex-Geneva), Chrissy Barnacle, Simon Parton, Alone and Sarah J Stanely as well as a few more special guests which I’ll announce soon.

I’m also making this record as green as possible so I’ll be using eco-friendly companies and materials to create things like the CD packaging down to the ink used to write on the really cool Sheep Poo Paper lyric sheets (one of the rewards). I’m really stoked about this!

I’m incredibly grateful to you and everyone who has supported Laurence Made Me Cry since the project started back in 2010. What an amazing journey we’ve been on so far. Thank you so much. I know that you might not be able to contribute to this campaign but any help is greatly appreciated. If you could, please spread the word and tell your friends.

I can’t make this record without you. Get involved!