New album Indiegogo campaign is now live!


I’m ready to record my second album ‘Titans’ Daughters’ and I need your help! Get involved with the Indiegogo campaign now!

As the birds chirp outside my bedroom window and the morning light creeps in, I am reminded that I haven’t slept this past night. In the wee hours I launched an Indiegogo crowdfund campaign to help raise funds for my second record ‘Titans’ Daughters’. Suffice it to say I’m very excited.

Over on the Indiegogo page you can find out details about the new album (if you can, please do watch the video, I animated it myself!), what rewards are on offer (my favourite being a hand decorated lyre harp) and the ways you can help. Work has already started on the record and I’ve got some wonderful collaborators on board this time around including Ellie Makes Music, Andrew Montgomery (ex-Geneva), Chrissy Barnacle, Simon Parton, Alone and Sarah J Stanely as well as a few more special guests which I’ll announce soon.

I’m also making this record as green as possible so I’ll be using eco-friendly companies and materials to create things like the CD packaging down to the ink used to write on the really cool Sheep Poo Paper lyric sheets (one of the rewards). I’m really stoked about this!

I’m incredibly grateful to you and everyone who has supported Laurence Made Me Cry since the project started back in 2010. What an amazing journey we’ve been on so far. Thank you so much. I know that you might not be able to contribute to this campaign but any help is greatly appreciated. If you could, please spread the word and tell your friends.

I can’t make this record without you. Get involved!

Indiegogo campaign launching 2nd March!


As the wind howls, rattling the window frames and sending rain drops on speedy adventures across the glassy plains… I’m cuddling up under my duvet and putting the finishing touches to my second album Indiegogo campaign. I’ve spent the past two weeks working on an animated video for the crowdfunder which I can’t wait to share with you – I’ve had a lot of fun (it includes kittens and a vampire among other things).

I’ll be posting the link up on Monday so make sure you check back then. In the meantime I recorded a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Little Lies’. I hope you like it!

Work on album #2 has begun!

tumblr_nft5ezLnhD1se287so1_1280Hello from chilly Glasgow! Work on album #2 is now well underway. The songs are taking shape and I’m very excited. There will be some lovely contributions from Ellie Makes Music, AloneSimon PartonSarah J Stanley, Chrissy Barnacle and Andrew Montgomery (ex-Geneva) as well as one or two other special guests that I’ll announce in due course. What I can say about the record so far is that it is definitely heading into more sensual and mystical territory.

As I did with my first record, I’m going to keep up a blog where I’ll be posting little ‘work in progress’ clips. I’ve posted a short clip of a new track already up on Soundcloud. There will be lots more as the album develops!

There’s so much to tell you already about my plans but I’ll save all the news for a proper blog post. I will be launching a crowd-fund in the not so distant future as well so do keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, why not sign up to my mailing list!