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I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this but it feels like a logical next step. I have plans for more music which I’d like to release throughout the rest of the year. I want you guys to have the choice to pay a one off amount each year rather than per-release. Subscribing […]

For Scott.

I’ve struggled to put into words the impact of Scott Hutchinson’s passing and I don’t even think this comes close. I just needed to get something out. As someone still battling depression with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis this isn’t the happiest of songs… I’m going to suggest that you need to be kind […]

Creating – a necessity.

I’m creating because I have to at the moment. It’s a necessity. Something I can do that distracts me from acting on the persistent thought that I shouldn’t be here. I used to enjoy creating an artwork or a piece of music – even when I felt low the act of sitting down and putting […]

An Update

I thought it time to let you know how I’ve been doing since the release of ‘Tesserae’. I do not wish for this to be a long update… we shall see how it goes. This particular episode of depression is a lingering one. Its nails have been deeply embedded in my body, dragging me down […]

New album: Tesserae

Today, with a lot of help from my lovely wife, I’m releasing an album. Unexpected. Necessary. — Tessera (plural Tesserae): a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic. I wasn’t expecting to release an album this spring but here we are and here it is. […]

A sense of urgency…

Music is a huge part of my life that tends to influence everything I do. If I’m not making music I’m creating illustrations inspired by it. This year I decided that music, in terms of live performance and recording, would take a back seat to my illustration and other projects. Of course, it didn’t really […]