To all my friends, fans and followers,

I have been mulling over this for awhile now and I feel the time has come...

Since releasing Tesserae last year I have continued to struggle with my mental health. I am progressing with my recovery but, still, the thought of performing live fills me with dread and the ongoing pressure (mostly my own) to produce another record as Laurence Made Me Cry has stunted my creativity. It's time to move on.

Rather than let Laurence gradually disappear into obscurity, I feel that calling it a day would be far more concrete and beneficial for all of us.

I would like to thank all of you who have followed me since 2010 when Laurence first came into the world and those who have joined me along the way. I have had some incredible experiences and opportunities which have taken me all over the UK and across the ocean to North America. I am truly grateful to my friends and fellow musicians who worked with me on releases and also to the folks at BBC Radio Wales and Scotland, BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio who championed my music from the get-go.

This will not be the end for me musically, I am certain there will be future records... but just not as Laurence Made Me Cry.

Goodbye, Laurence. I hope you enjoy your retirement.

Much love,


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